Breathwork & Yoga

as a way to heal your body

My name is Malin and I'm a breathwork facilitator and vinyasa yoga teacher in Gothenburg, Sweden. In today's hustling and bustling world, we all need to find a way to de-stress and ground ourselves. For me, that means to turn to breathwork and yoga.

I remember my first encounter with yoga back in early 2000. I was reading about some movements in a health magazine called Yoga and tried to do them on the rug in my living room. Little did I know then what part yoga would play in my life.

Fast forward, 15 years from 2000, and I was practicing yoga regularly but I kind of didn't feel it in my soul, I wasn't connected to it. Then life happened, and I found myself turning more and more to yoga and after an exceptionally challenging period, I went to my first retreat.

It happened to be where I found breathwork. A modality that really changed me to the core. I faced and conquered my absolute worst phobia, I cleansed my soul and released feelings and tensions that had been stored for years, and I connected to yoga in a way I didn't know existed.

Breathwork has allowed me to connect to my body and soul, deepened my understanding of myself, and allowed me to forgive what needed to be forgiven. Yoga has made me more aware of both my physical and mental being. It helped and still helps me to heal from a lumbar fusion surgery I had in January 2022. I'm proud of the person that both these modalities have helped, me and still help me to become.

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Since spring 2020 I've been a certified breathwork facilitator 400hrs via Alchemy Of Breath and in November 2022 I got my 200hrs yoga teacher certificate via True North Vinyasa. But I'm not just about breathwork and yoga. I love the forest, and the mountains. I love to bike, hike, ski, eat and drink tasty stuff, spend time with family, friends and tribe.


I have attended several breathwork sessions with Malin and am amazed by how different experiences I have had each time and by the healing effects and also the deeper understanding that breathwork provides of where I am at and what I need to attend to. I can highly recommend Malin's sessions and the way she guides her participants through the sessions. I always feel safe, held, challenged (in a good way), and supported in her sessions.

Karin, Breathwork

I can really recommend Yoga with Malin! She is truly one of the most inspiring women I've ever met and that translates into her practice and guidance. Her teaching has a very grounding effect and you feel safe and seen all throughout the practice and beyond! Wish I lived in Sweden so I could take her classes regularly, but am looking forward to practicing with her again in the future!

Johanna, Yoga

I had never heard of breathwork before Malin introduced me to it. I was intrigued and curious and loved the idea that I could cleanse myself with the help of my breath. My experience with the breathwork I received from Malin was that I felt in good hands and completely safe. She facilitated a session where I was able to let go of the things I was holding on to and I felt relieved afterward. If you are considering trying breath work you won't regret choosing Malin as your first breath work facilitator.

Katrine, Breathwork

Find out what I say about breathwork in the video below.